Why Real Mom Gear?

Full disclosure - you can find some of this information in our About Us section but I wanted to expand a bit and utilize this blog to connect with customers, family and friends.

Starting a business venture has always been something I wanted to do. To be honest I always thought it would be in event planning or home organization but COVID put any dreams of that on the immediate back burner -along with my actual job. Being furloughed from my hospitality sales position made we think long and hard about what I really wanted. I've had the pleasure of working from home for the last several years and with two young boys (4 & 7) I wasn't willing to sign up for an office job in the city. I need, want and deserve my flexibility. What am I passionate about? The perfect French fry, a manicure that doesn't chip, Star Wars.... the list goes on. But my biggest passion and love is being a mom. Attaching the word passion to being a mom seems silly, maybe even corny but it's the truth. It's a passion I love and that drives me bananas all at the same time - that's real. 

I love the quiet moments, the dance parties, the messy boy smooches and everything in between. What do I love less? The toilet seat constantly covered in pee (make that the bathroom floor and the wall sometimes too - I mean is it so hard to aim!?), the never ending piles of laundry and the wrestling (the WWE has nothing on my boys). But REAL motherhood, isn't perfect.  It's not all staged photos made for social media. It's not please and thank you all the time. It's going to Target in your sweats and a high pony, It's letting them have candy before they should, it's losing your patience sometimes. I love being a mom and I love keeping it real. So I wanted to provide items I would buy and my mom friends would buy. Whether it's funny, emotional, or just clever let's pop it on a t-shirt or coffee mug or whatever you want or need.

Because when you see someone at the store, park or school drop off  in one of our items my hope is, you'll laugh to yourself and think "same, girl - I feel the same!". I hope you find something you enjoy and something that speaks to you. We're all in this together and I appreciate your support more than you know. XO 

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