Back to School - or NOT - Good Luck Moms.

So it's that time of year. We've stocked up on school supplies, bought back to school gear and know who their teachers will be. But nothing about 2020 has been normal. Neither is the back to school experience for our children. Some of us have kids going back to the classroom (a classroom that certainly doesn't look the same). Some of us will be doing remote learning and others will be doing a mixture of both. I'm wishing you good luck no matter what method you're moving forward with. 

Now that we are moving forward it's time to trust our decision and give ourselves a break from never ending questions- do we send them back? Is it safe? Are they at risk? Will this affect their mental health? How much mask time is too much? We've all pondered these questions and then asked our friends what they were doing,  checked the mom group on Facebook,  asked the pediatrician. I was going to fill this blog post with links to resources on making the right decision, articles on what other people think and more. But, at the end of the day, whatever you decide for your family and for your kids is the right thing. And yay for making the decision! 

For me personally, I tend to overthink most things and this has been no exception. I made a pro's/con's list, assembled a panel (just kidding), and then questioned my decision (they're going back full time). Now I'm letting go and moving forward. So cut yourself some slack momma and don't be hard on yourself. There's an overload of information out there. Information and opinions on every side of what seems to be octagonal fence.  We are inundated and have limited resources to fact check. So do what YOU think is best for YOUR family. People might disagree but they don't live in your house, they don't eat at your dinner table every night so who cares!? 

So as you drop your little one's off, watch your big one's log on or anything in between - pat yourself on the back mom. You got them here, they're going to rock it, and you'll be there to help them through the challenges. I'm not saying it's all going to be smooth sailing but not matter what YOU GOT THIS. 

Happy Schooling! XO Real Mom Gear 



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