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Back to School - or NOT - Good Luck Moms.

So it's that time of year. We've stocked up on school supplies, bought back to school gear and know who their teachers will be. But nothing about 2020 has been normal. Neither is the back to school experience for our children. Some of us have kids going back to the classroom (a classroom that certainly doesn't look the same). Some of us will be doing remote learning and others will be doing a mixture of both. I'm wishing you good luck no matter what method you're moving forward with.  Now that we are moving forward it's time to trust our decision and give ourselves a break from never ending questions- do we send them back? Is it safe? Are they at...

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Supporting Women Owned Businesses

As I mentioned in my first blog post I was excited to venture out and be my own boss. But I also want to do whatever I can do support other women owned business. Because in my mind, there's nothing better than women supporting women. Did you know that 27% of small business owners are female? This number has been growing slowly, 4% every year. Woman business owners want to be their own boss, follow their passion and have been dissatisfied with corporate USA. So they strike out and dream big! I encourage you when shopping or looking for a service - try and find a woman owned business to support. You can visit to find a directory of Women...

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Why Real Mom Gear?

Full disclosure - you can find some of this information in our About Us section but I wanted to expand a bit and utilize this blog to connect with customers, family and friends. Starting a business venture has always been something I wanted to do. To be honest I always thought it would be in event planning or home organization but COVID put any dreams of that on the immediate back burner -along with my actual job. Being furloughed from my hospitality sales position made we think long and hard about what I really wanted. I've had the pleasure of working from home for the last several years and with two young boys (4 & 7) I wasn't willing to sign...

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